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Art of the Auction


LICENSED auctioneer

Licensed auctioneer specializing in benefit and art auctions.

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THE Canvas

You are the canvas. Your event, whether it be a benefit auction or an art auction of 100 attendees or 1000 plus, you are the canvas. Your event is unique with its own goals. No two events are alike and helping to support your event, as your licensed auctioneer, will take into consideration all your goals, theme, objectives and success factors.

My journey

  • When a one-year assignment in Hong Kong, turned into nearly a 30-year journey around the world securing business transactions for major corporations, I not only had the opportunity to expand my global business expertise, but to fulfill a personal passion for art, history, style, and design.

  • Residences in Hong Kong, Zurich, Switzerland, Singapore, Vienna, Austria, Johannesburg, South Africa, Paris, France became my home base when experiencing the cultural depths of doing business in nearly 55 countries. Major business transactions may have been my role as an executive, but the ability to engage in the world’s stage of art, history, and design was and continues to be my passion.

  • The Louvre Museum, Musée d’Orsay, Vatican Museums, Uffizi Gallery, Van Gogh Museum, The National Art Center, Tokyo, Kunsthaus Zürich, Museum Tinguely, are just a few of the places I had the opportunity to call my “weekend playgrounds” for years. However, I will always have full admiration for the street artists from South Africa to Zimbabwe, to Bangalore, to Château-d’Oex who capture the essence and experiences of their part of the world.

  • Engaging in the ‘art of the world’ is much more than acknowledging art as a mere object, whether priceless, or free, but embracing a medium that captures one’s senses to unexpected depths of emotion.

  • Living life with purpose, passion, and mission is also paramount in utilizing capabilities to benefit others in need. Therefore, my role as a benefit auctioneer allows me to support a multitude of non-profit organizations in their quest for charitable funding. Non-profit's goals and objectives make for stronger communities and that is something we all believe in.

  • Footnote: Dorothy Kronemer, now calling Daniel Island, SC home, is a retired 36-year global corporate business executive and now a licensed auctioneer, Dorothy's business is “Art of the Auction, LLC” and often works in concert with Thomas Duane Crawford, Ultimate Benefit Auctions, LLC.



Let's meet to understand your goals, intentions, and anticipated outcome.


With enthusiasm, genuine interest, and drive, we work together to help achieve your goals.


The aims and values of each of our organizations provide the drive and direction to execute.

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SCAA Member

South Carolina Auctioneers Association (SCAA) exists to promote the auction method of marketing through professional and ethical auctioneering practices in the state of South Carolina.

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